Big cone.


Image to show proportions of prints.


3 Responses to “Big cone.”

  1. anit Thomhave Simonsen Says:

    Hi Elisabeth….nice seeing that you write Again….Wonder if This is the new blog or just trying it out because the older one do not Work…I`ll see what happens….no problem about my blog and I do not now if it is your virus program that makes the troubles…the only thing that makes some smaller troubles for me is that sometimes when I make comments some of the Words will be done with big letters…like you see here at the begiiing of my comment….
    smile from me to you…

    • omdahl Says:

      Hi,Anita! Early morning bird you too?
      I am testing out blogspot all the time, but it seems something is incompatible With my setup. Perhaps I will try to change browser to Chrome.
      Rather irritating the Whole thing. Have a Nice day anyway, Anita!

  2. ainescannell Says:

    Hi there Elisabeth Its lovely seeing your living room there with the prints on the wall and the books propping up the furniture. Smiling to myself as I am imagining you sleeping in a bed that is actually a giant book ……………………Are you making some artwork at the moment? I saw on FB or somewhere that you had been doing a little.

    I send a big hug to an artist whose works possesses warmth, layers of symbolism, nuances of metaphor and always a delightful kind of magic.
    love to you


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